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34 22 January 1991

There is quite a battle going on now Ray. There is witchcraft involved, you have your people praying for you, and the enemy has their people praying for you too, but they’re not praying for your good, but listen to Me, Ray. You’re in the Hands of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Father. Nothing is going to happen to you, Ray

56 19 May 1992
1:15 PM

The Prostitute will enslave, will capture the Hearts of the Innocent. The Prostitute will be the coming of the end. For she will seduce the Valid, the Strong, and the Mighty for she is a abomination to the Elect. For She beguiled the Leaders of Nations. She beguiled the Leaders of the World. She brought them down to the Pit of Hell, and there She will be thrown with all her followers.

For she is a conniving witch that misleads, and misguides anyone at any time for any reason. She’s a lonesome witch, who loves praises and loves to be honored, but those who follow her will be thrown into the Pit of Hell. For all the days that are in Heaven, beware, beware of the witch that will ensnare you forever.

82 08 June 1992
7:34 PM

I know you’re still worried, but that’s where Faith comes in Ray. You have to have the Faith. You have to trust Me, but I am going to give you some Gifts that you can use to protect yourself, when you get attacked by certain Theologians, certain Christians, certain New Agers, certain Witches, certain Demons. For I know you have been Battling on an hour to hour basis with Demonic Forces, for the last three years

102 22 June 1992
12:51 AM

For there are some things We cannot explain to you because you would never comprehend them. Not in the flesh, that’s why you get so bewildered because you want to know things. We can’t let you know because you’re not equipped in the flesh to understand. So don’t worry about the pastors, the theologians, the witches, the demons, and all those assorted people that are going to try to get you.

118 26 June 1992
9:32 PM

For Jehovah, the Creator of the Universe of the Heavens, of the Stars, of everything, is bringing this Planet to a close. You, your families of demons, and Satan worshipers, you witches, you new Agers, you positive thinkers, all you abominations to your Lord Jehovah, are going to wrapped up and thrown in the Pit of Hell without mercy. This Planet is going to be shook up beyond your belief, and see if your god can save you. For you all will wind up in the same Place, at the same time with all your Brothers and Sisters of Evil.

224 14 October 1992
1:37 PM

I am not sure whether this has to do with evil – The Lord said that the tares will be burned –  will correct as soon as I have the answer from the Lord – my own view
I see a bundle of sticks that are to be burned. They are tied on each end. The sticks are various sizes, and wrapped in bundles of twelve inches in diameter, with a rope tied on each end. They are about two feet in length.

233 24 November 1992 10:33 PM.

I see a cook wearing a sheepskin, but he is a Fox. I am having a sensation all over my body. It’s tingling! I am in a War right now. I have been in it for about a half-hour. I have called some of my Christian brothers and sisters to pray for me. It’s really intense. I am having visions. I see a cross. Someone is burning a cross made of sticks. I see them holding a doll of some  sort. Someone is sticking pins in this doll. The head of the doll just flew off. I hear them chanting. I don’t know how I got into this, but something is coming after me with great strength, but I AM STANDING MY GROUND! I took my Communion. I read the chapter in Ephesians six on the Armor of God. And I AM NOT GOING TO BUDGE! I am going to pray against it, and I AM NOT GOING TO BUDGE! That’s all I can say right now. I feel very strange. I have my Christian music tape on. I am going to turn off the tape recorder, and I am going to pray, and I am going to pray, and I am going to pray, and I am going to pray, until I break whatever is there.

I see someone holding a doll from the belly up. The doll is facing up. They are holding it up with a stick on a string. The doll looks like it’s wearing a Karate uniform. That’s all I can see. I am going back to prayer.

294 19 February 1993
10:36 AM

I see an image of a man. I don’t know if he is a devil or a man. If it is a man, he is wearing a mask, or a head of some sort of a goat or dog. He is standing in front of something. He is holding a three-month-old child in the air, and I believe he is going to sacrifice it.

404 07 February 1994

During prayer, that early morning, I saw a vision of six figures in a circle, they looked like American Indians by appearance, and they were spiritual. As I watched the six figures, they started summoning or calling an angel of death to come after us.

When I realized this I went into prayer, and their curses were neutralized by the Lord. What they were calling looked like a bird of some kind and it had a long neck that resembled the end of a pencil eraser with two eyes and a black body. I could see it flying in our direction and flying in a stalking pattern like what an eagle would do.

524 09 August 1994
11:13 PM
The damned one, the damned one, the Juanita (Spanish name for Jane, Jean, Joan). The Juanita thinks of the devil, seeks the devil. She does everything filthy for her manner is the manner of the she demon – the she demon of she demons. Yes! – The manner of the she demon. Yes! – the she demon of she demons. Yes! She has arrived, the day of Juanita. Yes, the things of Heaven are the things of Heaven. For it has arrived all the filth of the world to the point. It has arrived. Look at Juanita. For Juanita is very bad. Yes! Juanita, the things that are of Juanita. Run – don’t touch them for Juanita has the union of the devils. Yes! – The union of the devils! She believes she knows so much. She believes she is very intelligent, Juanita. All that she knows is of the devil, all that she is going to find is the pit. If you see Juanita hide yourself for she has the lips of the devil. She has the things that are filthy, in the body, in the mind, in all that she touches, in all that she says. For she has the union of the devils, the union. O how mean, how filthy the she demon of she demons, they are the things of the devil. Yes, it has arrived the day of Juana (same name different sound), Juanita. Yes! If she points her finger in your direction stop yourself and run and hide quickly for if she touches you, you will die. Did you hear Me clearly and to the point? Don’t let her touch you. Yes, she has the teeth of the devil. It has arrived – yes, the things of Juanita. This is your Father with the firecrackers of the devil. Yes, the firecrackers of the devil. Here comes Juanita. Yes, with the things that will bury you in the pit for all the days that are days. Yes, run and hide yourself for it has arrived the woman that has the name Juanita. Yes! I want you all to pray and I want you all to read the Bible with all the force that you all have. Yes, I want all of you to repent and seek the good things, the things of God. I tell you clearly and to the point. Seek Jesus and He will protect you with the Holy Spirit. They will protect you, but you have to seek Him, with the Word, with your spirit, with all that you have, with all that you have that’s good, that’s direct at the Word of God. Yes! And in that way Juanita won’t touch you. For she is afraid of Jesus. O Yes, she is afraid of Him! For she knows, He has the Force of Forces. She knows that He is the King of Kings. Yes, she is afraid, if you know the Word of God, if you read the Bible, if you study and you seek Jesus. She won’t touch you for Jesus will burn her. Yes, with the Word. Yes! Did you hear Me? Jesus will burn her with the Word, but you have to seek in the Manner of God. Yes, save yourself. Seek My Son with the Force of the Holy Spirit. I tell you the truth of the things of the days of Juanita. It has arrived. Yes, the things that I tell you, with the Lips of your Father, with the Lips of the Son, with the Lips of the Holy Spirit. Arm yourself. Read the Bible. Arm yourself with the Word of God. (over) 
816 06 October 1995
8:30 PM

Then the image stopped and another image appeared. I saw many
black figures carrying spears and five or six of these figures were
carrying a lamb levitated ten or twelve feet in the air has they walked. There must of begin
fifty or sixty figures in the group has they walked carrying this pierced lamb.

934 23 July 1996
7:07 PM

You are seeking the stars; you are seeking the animals that come in the stars, that you believe are gods. You seek the male and female witches. You seek the things of the devil in the manner of the devil, for you are on the wide road. And you don’t even know that there is a narrow road. You are having a lot of fun now for you are well planted in the world with the rest who are not Christians. But remember when you knock on the Door, I am not going to know you. For your door is on the road that is WIDE, but the devil is going to open that door. He is going to tell you enter, and say, “I know YOU VERY WELL – you are my friend.” And he is going to hug you; and he is going to kiss you on the lips, for he is going to eat your tongue and ALL that you have inside with the hunger of the devil. That’s the door that you are going to knock on.


16 February 2000


The compliance of the tree will happen, when the owl and the bear clash with a mighty force. The bear will win – the owl will fly away crippled. The bear will salvage what was lost in the battle. Remember Kiev (Ukraine), remember the church (Russian Orthodox), remember the Word of God! For the Word of God will not come back void. The armies are ready. The power and the force of the devil is ready. Beware of the witch. For the witch is ready too! (over)

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