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21 January 1991

But listen. I am there with you. I am there with you and I am going to protect you from the wolves. I am going to protect you from the jackals (foxes – Islam? – my own view). I am going to protect you from the evil pastors. I am going to protect you from the evil prophets, the false prophets.
18 May 1992

Please read whole # – refer also to fox, rat, horse, saber-tooth tiger, dragon
NOTE that wolf & fox mentioned together in some cases – see #169 below – same type of persons, but different – both “spiritual”, but different beliefs/gods? (as with Russian and Red-haired woman – same, but different)

The vessel with the flower will fall first, the vessel with the vinegar will triumph over the vessel that will come in the middle of the War. For what is up is down, and what is down is up. And the Wolf and the Fox ran for their lives. For the hour of Penance came swiftly to the Owl.
29 May 1992
1:15 PM

Holy Land = Israel – Note also that the wolf’s role will carry on till the end – when he meets  the Lamb (Jesus) – this means that the wolf is partaking in the battle of Armageddon – my own view

There is going to be a three-piece army, which will invade the Holy Land from the East, from the North, and from the South. The invasion will take place in the time of the
wolf, for the wolf is a cunning animal. Arm yourselves, arm yourselves: Be prepared, for the wolf and the Lamb will meet at the appointed time. When and how, only I know, for Jehovah knows all, for Jehovah will warn before the sound of the Bugle Blasts on Heaven, on Earth. For you are My Children and I love you.
08 July 1992
7:34 PM

I saw a group of black shadows or figures around this illuminated white table. They were cutting up the world into pieces and sections. The next thing I see is an airplane and the airplane is flying toward Japan. The Lord said it was the Wolf flying to Japan for a conference of sorts Japan (see also hornet)
12 July 1992
5:37 PM

I see a face of a wolf with an angry and scary looking face staring at me. He doesn’t look very happy. I see a vision of an elephant with his trunk wrapped around this pillar, and he pulls this pillar down and swings it. I see a serpent, and it looks like a rattlesnake with its mouth open. I can see its fangs. I don’t see it eating anything, it only has its mouth open.
The Lord just revealed to me that the serpent is going to fight the Arch Angel in South America. I don’t understand what He means.
23 July 1992
11:49 AM

See also #55 above – Fox & Wolf mentioned together 

Just before prayer, I keep seeing this face of a Fox and a face of a Wolf. The Wolf has Yellow eyes. The Fox has Red eyes, piercing looking eyes.

23 December 1995
8:40 AM

The point has arrived where the wolves will enter the flock. The wolves will try to scatter. The wolves will eat the weak, the lame, the young. The wolves that come with the clothes of sheep, do not worry; for the Lord Jehovah is in charge, for the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth is in charge, for the Holy Spirit is in charge. The day of the wolf is here. I will use the clothes of the sheep, to strangle, to destroy the wolf. Wolves come in many shapes, many  colors, many sizes. Their words sound pretty. Their words sound great. Do not worry! For the Lord knows His sheep and the sheep know His VOICE, and the sheep will follow. Remember the day of the wolf; make yourself strong, get into the Bible. Read, read, and read with your whole heart. For the wolf knows the Bible. For the wolf likes to twist and turn the  Words of God. Make yourself strong for the wolves will enter through the back, to destroy, and to eat what is weak. It does not matter the craftiness, strength of the wolf. For My Words will NEVER come back VOID. There is nothing in the universe that will stop My Words from reaching the lambs of God. For when the lambs of God hear the Words of Jehovah; they will cry and weep. For the TRUTH is the Word what comes from the Mouth of Jehovah; not the words that come from the wolf. You have always had wolves, every time Jehovah has done the righteous Word. The wolves have always been behind to scatter, to destroy, to twist the things of God, but there is a place for the wolves, but that’s between Me and them. Do you hear My Words, My Sheep, My Lambs? I will be there at the proper time and the proper place. (over)
07 October 1997
4:36 PM

This is interesting because the Wolf & the bear (Russia) will clash, yet they will both fight in the war against the Lamb (Jesus) see #56 : – my own view

The Lord said, “The
wolf and the bear will clash in the month of November.” (over)
19 April 1999
8:25 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of a wolf with a patch over his right eye. (over)
03 February 2000
7 PM

Note the sequence : wolf, bat, frog  – see Rev 16:13 – also note Shaman #1663 below – bear (2 bears)  – Another bear will replace the 1st bear

During prayer at seven o’clock these visions came like a slide show. It was while binding and rebuking spirits, that I had seen these visions.
A wolf – changes to a bat – then a frog – then a bear. The bear was tied around the shoulders and was pulled up. Then another bear replaced that bear, and it had a brown head and chest. The bear’s head looked like an American bear, but it also looked like a panda bear, or had the colors of a panda bear. A strange looking bear
. Then the ground (the spiritual ground) began to shake.
16 February 2000
9:50 PM

I had a vision of a Lion sitting at the edge of a cliff and looking down at the jungle below. I could see a deep green valley that had overgrowth all over the place. As I watched the Lion, he just laid still, looking down into the valley. Then I asked the Lord, “What does this mean? What is the Lion doing?” So the Lord showed me the valley, and there were all kinds of trees and tall grass, and undergrowth, and overgrowth. As I looked closer, I saw the head of a wolf hiding behind a bush. All I could see, was the wolf’s head, with red eyes staring at the Lion. Then the Lord showed me the Lion again, sitting on the edge of the cliff. (over)
04 May 2001
9:15 PM

You will see a big, enormous War between Good and evil – between father and son, between mother and son, between brother and brother, between neighbor and neighbor. There is only going to be one winner! And those that are on the side of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. These are not idle Words. These are Truthful Words. For the Power and Might of Jehovah is here through the Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, through the Power of the Holy Spirit. All are ONE, all are POWERFUL! All will clean-up all that is evil, all that is sinful.

Many people pretend to be Christians. They know the Words. They know the manners. They know how to stimulate others. They do not belong to the Flock. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I see everything clearly. You can fool people, but you are not fooling God – Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Not one will escape My Vengeance. The Power of God is absolute! It is to the point. The point is – either you are for Me or you are against Me.

14 November 2001
8:37 AM

Man’s church is so corrupt there isn’t one place I could send My Children and feel at peace, that they are being fed the righteousness, the truth of My Word.  But there are places that they get bits and pieces of righteousness.  What a shame!  What a shame!  What a shame!  For man has the tendency to destroy, to disrupt, to do his own thing with the things of God.  Some times people die.  Some times people just get misled but it is all coming to an end.  For the Power of God is the Power of God and He gives it to who He wills.  But the power of the devil is freely given to anyone at any time.  My Flock know My Word.  When they hear My Word their hearts gets warm, gets revived, it comes alive.  For the truth burns in their hearts down to the depths of their soul.  But remember there are sheep and there are wolves with sheep’s clothing in every church, in every situation.  What a shame!  What a shame!
05 December 2001
6 AM

The word “wolf” not mentioned here, but decided to add  this # here.

Shaman means : a person regarded as having access to the world of good and evil spirits, esp among some peoples of northern Asia & North America (Oxford dictionary)  I surfed the IN and this is 1 of Shaman pages – you will find the photo  surprising – look at the face of the man – it is Bin Laden : http://www.telapex.com

The shaman has arrived!  Yes! The shaman has arrived, the shaman of the devil.  He has arrived!  Oh, oh, oh, how evil is the shaman!  He believes he knows it all, but he knows nothing.  You know what?  I am going to take My Thumb and I am going to flatten him like an ant.  Yes – it has arrived the day of the shaman.
4 August 2002 at 6:26 AM

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 August 2002 at 6:26 AM in English.
27 August 2002 at 11:25 PM

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 August 2002 at 11:25 PM.
12 December 2006 at 3:02 AM

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 December 2006 at 3:02 AM
29 January 2015 at 9:17 AM

Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 January 2015 at 9:17 AM
11 February 2016 at 11:52 PM

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 February 2016 at 11:52 PM

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