Woman / Fat Woman

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17 June 1994
10:30 AM

Referring to person sleeping : America or the Bride of Christ ?? – see other #’s re fat woman – my own view
I saw a vision of a big heavy person laying in bed with a white blanket over the bed.
17June 1994
10:30 AM

Referring to America ?? – my own view
I saw an image of a bird with a pointed head holding a doll or a woman around the waist with its beak. The bird is considerably larger than the woman.
21 June 1996
8:30 PM

During praise and worship, the Lord showed Me a vision of an elephant jumping through a hoop – with an explosion and fire behind him. Then… when the elephant was going through this hoop, I saw two rifles, side-by-side, shoot the elephant.

Then, the next image I saw was of a big, heavy-set woman in this large clear tank, filled with water, being dunked into the water by her head – by this demon trying to drowned her. I could see the air coming out of her nostrils and mouth as she tried to gasp for air, from under the water.

Then the Lord said that the big, fat woman was the United States.
08 May 1997
1:35 Am

This is either : America / Italy (see map of Italy) / Israel or Bride (stumbling block – see Bible) – my own view

A vision of a woman’s white high heel shoe with a brick in front of the shoe. (over)

18 April 1997
9:30 AM

The Lord gave me two visions of a figure of a woman. The first image looked like the Statue of Liberty, and she was leaning on a dark wooden stick with both hands. The second image was the Statue of Liberty that I am used to seeing. She looked like she was covering herself as if she had been undressed. (over)
17 March 1998
3:34 PM

Refer also to tiger Prophecies
I had a vision of woman. I am seeing it from an unusual angle. I am viewing this vision from a few feet off the ground level. I can see this woman from her knees up into reddish-orange sky in the background. This sky is very strange in Color almost like those colored dyed T-shirts of the 1960’s.

Then the Lord said, “The tiger and the woman (USA) will clash and fight until the end and the determination of the fight will be determined by the sitting sun. (over)
29 July 1999
7:40 PM

Not sure whether this is referring to America – my own view
I saw a woman looking forward, but shooting an arrow to her left. As I watched her, I saw many arrows around her left ear lobe

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